About Us

Hearing solutions that are customized to each patient's individual needs.

Walker Hearing Aid Center, a second-generation hearing health care practice, is family owned and operated by Kenneth Haesly, who took over from his mother, Mary Banks "Bankie" Lavender after her retirement. Their practice has been serving the Houston area for over 50 years, helping people stay connected to their family, friends, and loved ones.


Bankie Lavender was approached by a family friend who could see her compassion for people, and she thought Bankie would be very good fitting hearing aids and giving people back the gift of sound. After her very first experience with the hearing impaired, Bankie knew she was where she was supposed to be and began the coursework and hands-on training to become licensed by the State of Texas Department of Health as a Hearing Instrument Specialist.


"Bankie recalls fondly a patient who had given up on hearing better. Brought into her office by his wife, the man didn’t believe anyone could help him hear and understand conversations. Bankie was able to fit him with digital technology and program hearing aids to meet the gentleman's loss. He wore the hearing aids for two days and came back to see Bankie to tell her that he could hear the sermon in church for the first time in years and at Sunday lunch he could hear everything, even his grandchildren. His eyes teared up as he thanked Bankie for giving him back his life.


The compassion for the hearing impaired was shared by her son, Kenneth Haesly. With Bankie's encouragement he joined the practice. Almost completely deaf as a child, Kenneth has successfully used medical and practical approaches to overcome his own hearing loss. Through his life experiences he knows first-hand the effects of hearing loss and how it impacts people and families.


The team at Walker is deeply committed to helping people hear. Together they undergo continuous training to improve, refine, and develop new skills and techniques giving their patients the very best hearing possible.


Kenneth has deepened his commitment over the years and works with agencies that oversee the field of hearing healthcare. He has served as President of the Texas Hearing Aid Association and has been awarded the prestigious "Dispenser of the Year" in the State of Texas. Kenneth has also received the "President's award" for outstanding service to the hearing impaired in Texas.


At Walker Hearing Aid Center, you will find the best skills and technology to help you hear better and a compassion and caring for each patient that you won't find anywhere else. We open our arms and hearts and welcome you into our family."